What Hausmann can offer?

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of products and services. We are the sole distributor for RIO/ SEIO Aqua pumps and Planted products in Singapore.

Food Fish Production

We engage aquaculture best practices to ensure that the fish we produced are of the highest standard of safety and quality through stringent criteria.


We are the distributor of Rio Aquarium Products in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and India.

All Rio pumps come with one year warranty and its uniquely designed ceramic shaft made it suitable for fresh and salt water.

Rio pumps are very compact, durable, reliable and efficient in providing powerful water flow even at high head.

Pond Maintenance

With more than 20 years of experience in pond maintenance, Hausmann Marketing Aquarium has built a team of specialists in this field. Our company’s policy is to provide quality service at affordable and reasonable price. This has enabled us to expand our customers network from homes to schools, organisations, country clubs and hotels over the years. We are confident that you will be the next satisfied customer, so why not call now for the following services:

  • Maintenance and Servicing Indoor/Outdoor Fish Pond/Tank
  • Cleaning and replacement of filter media
  • Delivery of fish feed
  • Landscape design

Ornamental Fish

Ornamental fish keeping is one of the most popular hobbies in the world today. The growing interest in aquarium fishes has resulted in steady increase in aquarium fish trade globally. There are quite a large number of tropical aquarium fishes known to fish rearing lovers and hobbyists. While many of the fish are fairly easy to breed, some of these are rare, difficult to breed and expensive. Most of the exotic species can be bred and reared easily since the technology is simple and well developed and also with the help of our experienced and skilled staff.

We put all our experience and skill in breeding ornamental fish of the best quality. We work hard to offer our customers the best possible service and quality. Our success can be measured mostly in our continual investment in our customers, our products and our team.

Auntie’s Fishing Pond

Nestled in the pristine wetlands of Sungei Buloh, Hausmann Marketing Aquarium combines rustic charm with a truly fishing experience. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city, come experience the fresh country air!

For the angling enthusiast, this haven will be your dream come true, the fishing pond is nested in the middle of the Hausmann Aquarium compound where you can concentrate on your fishing. Many frequent anglers have commented that the fishes here fight better and are of an overall larger size. Auntie’s fishing pond is well-stocked with up to 8 different varieties of fish, well-suited to either beginners or experienced anglers.

Price: $62/3hrs

Fish Feeds

Our company supplies a wide variety of fish food to the public and organisations.

Visit our retail shop or contact us for more information.

Call now at +65 6792 1318 for more infomation!

We truly care about our users and our product.